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The RJS International school with its unique philosophy towards education has a mission to provide quality education to the students of rural and semi-rural areas at reasonable and affordable costs. RJS school endeavors to give a unique direction to the development of its students by giving them a well rounded education along with equal emphasis on physical training, sports, debating skills and preparing them for larger goals of life. The competitive environment of the school will prepare the students for competitive examinations like NDA, IIT, BIT, Medical and others in a public school setup. RJS international school endeavors to nurture, the unique quality by developing the students innate qualities.Our endeavors is to inculcate in the child the ethos of a liberal society, with the spirit of tolerance and thirst for knowledge. We shape them to face the challenges of life, understand the environment and explore the frontiers of knowledge.

          School undertakes the onus of cultivating proper manners and healthy habits rests with the school apart from imparting formal education. We pledge to pay healthy attention to the child's all round development of his personality and give proper direction to his behavior minimising social prejudices, we understand that 'Child is the father of man'

          The school is housed in a spacious building suitably constructed to provide ample space for academic activities. The four storied building neatly maintained has all the amenities and state of the art teaching aids. It houses the school office, class rooms, staff room and a well stocked library.
To avoid congestion and enable to pay individual attention it has always been the principle of the school that no more than thirty five student shall constitute a class. The duration of each period is not more than an hour, thereby the teacher, besides covering the days syllabus has sufficient time to make report with students introduce the lesson, complete the assignment and recapitulate before leaving the class room


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