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RJS international school is a co-educational, day-boarding school providing residential facilities for boy's only. It imparts liberal and comprehensive education based on guidelines provided by central Board of secondary education.

The school is situated in two acre campus in rural setting, In peaceful environment away from the din and bustle of city. The school is on Rajgir Gaya Budhist circuit road easily accessible by rail and road from district headquarters of Gaya and Nawada. 

Our school's location in semi rural surroundings conform to
The Gurudev Tagore's vision of education i.e. learning in consonance with nature. A philosophy suitably adopted by RJS International school. 



          We at RJS International school have dispensed with traditional system of education, which emphasises only learning without all round development of the child. The curriculum of the school has been conceived and crafted, such that the child is a major participant in the learning process.We have laboured to improve and improvise upon the syllabus of CBSE, such that knowledge of teachers, inquisitive mind of child and the prescribed text is in complete harmony to produce the symphony of learning. The atmosphere of healthy approachable and relaxed relationship of teachers, pupil and principal pervades everywhere, even to the playing field.

We have taken every care to make learnings a pleasant experience through discussion, enquiry and experimentation.



Residential Complex
          RJS International school provides excellent boarding facilities to its resident students (only boys). The school hostel is housed in spacious building-neatly maintained, spacious dormitories, a dinning hall and common hall with recreational facilities. It is staffed keeping in mind the all round development of the child. Parental love has been substituted by proper care and guidance by highly qualified male and female teachers residing in the same building and sharing the same meal. These teachers are imbued with high sense of discipline, love for children and social commitment. They are responsible for cultivating hygienic habits, pleasant manners and civic sense in the child. They are also entrusted with the task of supervising night study and rectify individual weakness in particular subject.
Thus ample commitment on the parts of resident tutors as some of them are couples is always there to ensure crystal line purity of character and conduct on the parts of boarders.

          Special attention is paid to ensure the unhindered growth of the child, physical, mental, intellectual and cultural.
Wholesome and nutritious, vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet is served. Punctuality on dinning table is enforced and presence of teachers on each mealtime is there to maintain decent table manners. In relaxed homely atmosphere an aura of regimental discipline pervades in the residential complex.




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