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As per enclosed slip
Schedule for payment of fees-

1. Fees are to be paid before the 15th of every month between 1st to 15th of each month in the School office by cash/draft payable at Wazirganj (Gaya).
2. Crossed cheque in the name of RJS International school Wazirganj will be accepted only up to 10th of each month at the school. Please write the name and class of the ward on the reverse side of the cheque thereafter, payments must be made in cash.
3. A fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged for fees paid from the 16th to 25th of each month.
4. In case fees are not paid by the 25th of the month the child name will be struck off the rolls. The school is not bound to give any notice in this regard .
5. Transfer certificate will not be issued unless all the outstanding dues are paid in full.


1. Withdrawal's are not permitted normally during on academic year. If however , a student is to be withdrawn during the academic year, notice of three months or an additional instalment of fees in lieu of notice is to be given in the case of days scholar as well as boarders.
2. Notice of with drawals at the end of the academic year should be given by 28th february, failing which The caution deposit will be forfeited.
3. If the notice is given after 1st of April the fees for one term will be charged.
4. The academic year is calculated from 1st of April to 31st of


          Academic calendar of the school is scheduled to enable the authority i.e. Principal, Chairman and the members of academic council to review the progress of the child. A session April to March, it includes three term:

  • 1st term April to August

  • 2nd term September to December

  • 3rd term Jan to march

          There test will be conducted in each and every term, ie,

  • Home Assignment & projects of 30 marks in each subject

  • Unit test of 70 marks in each subjects

          All the students must have to attend every exams, because weightage should be given in all tests conducted throughout the session for promotion to the next higher class, thereby maintaining the momentum of progress in the child. We devote first two months of each academic calender , making the student proficient in the medium of instruction i.e. English. It makes possible for us to admit student regardless of their previous medium of instruction.

          The school prepares students for all india secondary examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The medium of instruction is English. At the second language stage school offers Hindi. At the third language level a language spoken in a Budhist Country preferably Japanese is offered depending upon the aptitude of the student .
In conformity to our names of being an international school we are being in process to provide opportunity to every child to take an international test conducted by the University of New Southwales, Australia for assessing his quantitative, analytical and communication abilities that every year. Besides every child shall be assessed every year on general knowledge tests conducted by the UNESCO.



          The school fasters a high degree of competence in several activities, debates, dramatics, quiz programs and public speaking. Some of the teachers are specially entrusted the task to nurture such talents, interhouse debate, elocution, quiz competition annually.

          The hobbies and work experience available to them include philately, photography, classical music, dance and dramas. Excursional tours to local historic places like Rajgir, Nalanda, Barabar Hills, Kakolat, Bodh Gaya, Tillaiya is organised at minor cost of the parents. Educational tours which help to improve the knowledge and enhance the vision of students is undertaken periodically. The cost of such tours is to borne by the parents.  


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