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From this wider sphere of politics and philosophy I desire to remain a loof as far as possible. The greater part of what I have to say will not be dependent upon the views that I have happened to hold as regards the measure controversies of my age. But complete independence in this regard is impossible. The education we desire to our children must depend upon our ideals of human character and our hopes as to the part they are to play in the community. A pacifist will not dislike for his children the education with seems good to a militarist; the education out look of a communist will not be the same as that of and individualist. The opinions of parents are immensely important, because for like of expert knowledge, parents are too often a drag upon the best educationists. If parents desire a good education for their children, there will, I am convince, be no lack of teachers willing and able to give it. But I attach great weight to modern phychological discovery which tend to show that character is determined by early education to a much greater extend than was through by most enthusiastic educationist of former generation I DISTINGUISH BETWEEN EDUCATION OF CHARACTER AND EDUCATION IN KNOWLEDGE, WHICH MAY BE CALLED INSTRUCTION IN THE STRICT SENSE. THE DISTINCTION IS USEFUL, THOUGH NOT ULTIMATE. Some virtues are required in a pupil who is to become instructed, an much knowledge is required for the successful practice of many important virtues. To make women and men capable of learning from experience should be one of the aims which early education should keep most prominently in view. The real issue is : should we, in education, aim at filling the mind with knowledge which has direct practical utility or should be try to give our pupils mental possessions which are good in their own account? It is useful to know that there are twelve inches in a foot and three feet in yard. But this knowledge has no intrinsic value to those who live where the metric system is in use it is utterly worthless. To appreciate hamlet, on the other hand, will not be much use in practical life, accept in those rare cases were a man is called upon to kill his uncle; but it gives a man mental possession which he would be sorry to be without an make him in some sense a more excellent human being. Men are willing to toil long hours for a pittance rather than die, while animals prefer to snatch pleasure when it is available, even if death is the penalty. It has thus come about that most men have put up with here life almost holly devoid of pleasure because on any other time life would be brief.


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