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  There must be in the world many parents who have young children whom they are anxious to educate as well as possible, but reluctant to expose to the evils of most existing educational institutions. The difficulties of such parents are not soluable by any effort on the part of isolated individuals. It is, of course, possible to bring up children at home by means of gorvernesses and tutors, but this plan drives them of the companionship which there nature craves, and without which some essential elements of education must be lacking more over, it is extremely bad for a boy or girl to be made to feel "odd" and different from other boys and girls ; this feeling when traced to parents as its cause, is almost certain to rouse resentment against them, leading to a love of all that they must dislike. The conscientious parents may be driven by these considerations to send his boys / girls to his schools in which he sees graved effects, merely because no existing school seem to him satisfactory - or , if any are satisfactory, they are not in his neighborhood . thus the cause of educational reform if forced upon conscientious parents, not only for the good of the community, but also for the good of there children. If the parents have will to do, it is not necessary to the solution of their private problem that all schools should be good, but only that there should be some good schools geographically available. But for the wage earning parents nothing suffices accept reform in the elementary schools. As one parent will object to the reforms which another parents desires, nothing will serve accept an energetic educational propaganda, which is not likely to prove effective until long after the reformer's children are grown-up. Thus from love from our own children we are driven step by step, in to the wider sphere of politics and philosophy.


RJS Logo          "Gaya Institute of Management" is a voluntary organisation, conceived by Shri Ram Jatan Singh, its Chairman. His impeccable record as a development oriented personality has earned him laurels. It was his initiative as Secretary that Sri Satvanti Uccha Vidyalaya is providing education upto class tenth in Kari-Sowa Panchayat. He is also the founder member of Wazirgang College,Wazirgang.
          The inflincling faith of people in him and a deep sense Of attachment with the native place has pressed him to go beyond political frontiers and also territorial boundaries. Since he is not satisfied with his political face of serving people, he has conceived this idea of GIM* for over All development of social, economic, educational, health, Hygiene of the people. Every man has limited capacity, knowing this fact GIM strives for volunteer inclusion of People and resources to achieve its goal, which is sustainable development of the area. Every problems needs immediate care and long term solution. GIM has adopted both of these.

          HUMBLE BEGINNING : To start with, GIM has started operation of Sunday clinic. Sunday clinic treats poor old People and also distributes free medicine. At present around 100 persons (old and poor) have been listed. Utmost Care has been taken in identifying these people. So that only needy persons get help through this.
          The identification process goes through a network of volunteers who move from village to village and identify the older people who doesn't have caring hands on them.
          GIM is also engaged in distribution of Blankets every winter. Every subsequent year the quantity is being increased. The operation of Sunday clinic is a step towards full fledged establishment of "old age home". This will cater to the fooding and lodging needs of the older people. We will further try to make available appropriate work for these senior citizens to keep them involved.

          The final aim of GIM is to open such type of clinic in every remote areas. RJS International School is a parallel organisation out for quality education which this bereft hither to.



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